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Library Floor Plan

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Study Hall The Study Hall is located in the left corner of the library, and has comfortable reading facilities and seating capacity for 100 persons. A student ID is required to access the Study Room. Open hours: (1) Monday- Thursday 9:00PM, to 1:00AM, (2) Friday 9:00PM – Monday 9:00AM, (3) Open 24 hours: During mid-term and final periond.
Reading Room The reading room is opening to the community and has 36 seats. Residents from the community are welcomed to use these facilities. The open hours are the same as the library.



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Dining Area The cafeteria is located on the first floor, next to the Audio-Video Resource Center. It is open to the public for food, drinks, and discussion. In addition, it is available for group activities. For application, please click here.
Audio-Video Resource Center The Audio-Video Resources Center has three different settings, with 24 personal seats, 9 group sofa areas, and one small theater with 12 seats. It contains over 12,000 movies and documentary films. This center also has a multiple functional room and two classrooms with AV equipment. For application and information please click here.



2nd Floor
(Main Lobby)
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24-hour Self-Service Book Return The self-service book return is located at the left side of the library entrance. It offers 24-hour services and provides receipts for returned materials. A student or faculty/staff ID is required to enter the area when the library is closed.
Information Desk The Information Desk provides quick reference services for users. Visitors can obtain temporary pass cards with a photo ID here.
WPAC Area There are eight computer workstations for browsing and searching our library resources.
Self-Checkout System Two self-service checkout workstations are available in the WPAC area. Please swipe the student or staff/faculty ID cards to check out materials.
Circulation Desk The Circulation Desk provides borrowing and returning book services, the purchasing of copy cards, maintenance help for the copy machine, library assistance, and interlibrary borrowing service.
Reference Services Reference services and information on art exhibitions are available at the Reference Desk, where users may also borrow course reserves and keys for study carrels or discussion rooms, and pick up materials via interlibrary loans.
Reference Book Area Reference books cannot be borrowed and can only be read in the library.
Current Periodical Area This area displays Chinese and Western periodical magazines for the current year, which are arranged into eight subjects: the humanities, science and technology, engineering, social science, management, education, law, and leisure reading.
New Books Exhibits Area Newly arrived books are displayed for 21 days. These books cannot be borrowed during the display period, but can be reserved. Library users can login to their account and use the online catalogue to make reservations.
ELITE Area This area has 20 personal computers, three scanning readers, and one laser printer that readers can use to access and copy library resources, learn languages on-line, digital course study, music appreciation, or school assignments. The library also provides consulting services.
Microform Materials Area There are three microform readers. These are easy to read, and microform materials can be printed for a charge. The NCCU Library had collected nearly 580,000 microform materials. Among these, the 240,000 ERIC ED films are noteworthy.
Learning Commons This area has 20 personal computers, three iPads, and two kindles for readers to search Internet sources, databases, e-books, and e-journals. This area also provides printing services for a charge. In addition, the library provides consulting services.
Faculty Publication Display Area The Faculty Publication Display Area is located on the 2nd floor, near the Current Periodical Area. This area displays a complete collection of publications written by the faculty members of the NCCU. However, the Faculty Publication are not loadable which are reference only and cannot be taken from the library.



3rd Floor (Plan) Floor Guide Go to Top
Newspapers Area There are 18 titled newspapers, including the current and previous months’ editions.
Learning and Discussion Space The discussion room is equipped with two LCD TV's, one projector, sofa chairs and desks with three personal computers. Surrounded with a relaxing atmosphere, users may browse magazines and books on display and discuss freely in this area. Please click here for reservation on the discussion room.
Comic Books Area This is a newly opened space with a cozy reading design, displaying nearly 2,000 comic books, offering two drawing tables, and sketchbooks for readers to practice their drawing skills. Readers can relax from daily pressures by reading comic books and drawing.
Western Back Issues Area This area features preserved classic western back issues.
Carrels There are 53 carrels from the 3rd to 8th floors where graduate students and professors can conduct research or write dissertations. Readers should make reservations at Reference Service desk on the 2nd floor, or click here.
Arts Exhibition Area This area is located on the right side of the library entrance and up the circle stairs. The library integrates reading and a variety of arts, and frequently holds various art exhibitions in this area.
Multimedia Workroom This room is situated in the Audio-Visual Center on the 3rd floor. It provides multimedia production services, such as a digital multimedia workroom, film studio, and recording studio. Please click here for charge.
Picture Books Area The Picture Books Area is located on the 3rd floor of the library, with a collection of more than 2000 picture books. Here parents are free to read books with their children and to enjoy the fun of reading with them. However, parents are responsible for the behavior, safety and supervision of their children during the time in the Library.



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Chinese Back Issues Area This area features preserved classic Chinese back issues that are arranged according to the New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries.
Maps and Atlas Area This area displays important and classic maps, atlases, and wall charts . There are 1,000 relevant informative materials for the maps and atlases. These materials can only be read in the library.
Oversized Books Area For easy management, the library centralizes oversized books in this area.



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East Asian Language Collections Includes books on general subjects, philosophy, psychology, science, agronomy, medical science, education, law, politics, management, and social science. Test case studies are included in this area. (000-599)
Discussion Rooms There are seven discussion rooms from the 5th to 8th floors where teachers and students can engage in discussion or study (more than three people). These rooms require reservations from the Reference Service on the 2nd floor, or online reservation. Use of the discussion rooms is limited to 4 hours.
Garden in the Courtyard Feel tired? Come to the garden in the courtyard. The blue sky, beautiful flowers, and pleasant, cool winds will relieve your fatigue.



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East Asian Language Collections The subjects contained in this area include Chinese history and geography, world history and geography, language, literature, music, art, and relaxation materials (600-999)



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Western Language Collections The subjects contained in this area include general studies, philosophy, psychology, religion, history, geography, anthropology, social science, law, education, music, art, language, and literature (A-PM).



8th Floor (Plan) Floor Guide Go to Top
Western Language Collections The subjects contained in this area include language and literature, science, medical science, agronomy, applied science, military science, maritime science, cataloging, and library science (PN-Z)
University History Hall The University History Hall was completed and opened to the public in 2002. The Hall is located on the 8th floor of the library, and measures nearly 450 m2. The mission of the History Hall is to collect, preserve, and display historical documents, and to plan frequent special exhibitions. Open hours: Monday-Friday: 9:00AM-5:00PM. Guided tours: Please make reservations one week in advance. Contact information: 05-2720411#15400. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
American Studies Library Collections This area displays American studies collections which have been donated by AIT. It contains approximately 1,600 books.
Strategy and International Affairs Studies Collections This area is located near the American Studies Library Collections Area, and displays collections pertaining to international affairs, international policy, national defense, Asia Pacific regional security, and so on.
Taiwanese Women Writers Collections This area is located in the western part of the 8th floor in the library, and has a beautiful view of the Chianan Plain. The collection provides a wealth of resources for Taiwanese women writers. The collection has a stock of over 3,000 volumes that have been selected by professors of Taiwanese literature. In addition, the library plans to acquire the original manuscripts of women writers.
Multifunctional Lecture Room (Room 815) The room is equipped with a projector, a computer, in addition to a white board. Individuals or groups can use this room to host a book launch, give a speech, or similar activities.
Presentation Practice Room (Room 808) The room is equipped with a control panel, an overhead projector, a digital camera, a lectern, a white board, and ball chairs. Individuals or groups can use this room to practice oral presentations for thesis defense, conference talks, and so on. Users are also suggested to bring their own laptops. The room can be reserved online or on-site.