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Borrowing and Delivery


Faculty/staff members, postdoctoral researchers, and students can borrow library materials using their university ID cards. Alumni, credit course students, retired faculty/staff members, family members of faculty/staff, and postdoctoral researchers can apply for library cards. Please refer to the library card application and borrowing privileges guidelines. For further information, please contact Ms. Wei-Hua Kuo at the circulation desk, ext. 15110.

Interlibrary Loans

Faculty, staff, and students can pay to borrow materials from other libraries through the nationwide document delivery service (NDDS). This service provides the sharing of books, theses, dissertations, and photocopies of journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, and research papers between libraries. However, photocopy requests are subject to the regulations of the intellectual property laws, and all requests are limited to materials unavailable in the CCU Library holdings.

How to Register for Membership

First-time users must register at the NDDS for membership and reserve a user account and password for future applications. A confirmation notice is e-mailed to the applicant within two working days.

How to Apply

Before applying for document delivery services from other libraries, users are strongly urged to first check the CCU Library Catalog and to ensure that the library does not hold the requested item.

Thereafter, please check the union catalogs on the NDDS Web site to locate the item, and then click on the holding library and log in to fill out the request form. For materials unavailable in domestic libraries, users may apply to borrow overseas, although the charge is substantially higher.

How to Receive Requested Items

Most requests are filed within a week, and the NDDS system notifies applicants by e-mail when the requested materials arrive at the CCU library. Please pick up and pay for these materials at the reference desk. In addition to the fees required by the lending libraries, loans for books or dissertations incur additional charges for return postage, and the typical loan period is 2 to 3 weeks without the possibility of extension. Please return books or dissertations on time to avoid overdue fines.

Contact Information

Ms. Wei-Hua Kuo, ext. 15102, 15103, reference desk.

Consortium Book Loans

The CCU Library is allied with more than 50 academic libraries for reciprocal book borrowing services, CCU faculty/staff members and students may borrow and return books in person from consortium libraries. Please see the partner library list.

How to Borrow Books from the Comprehensive University System of Taiwan

To borrow books from libraries in the Comprehensive University System of Taiwan, including the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) Library, National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) Library, and National Sun Yat-Sen University (NSYSU) Library, CCU users must first apply at the circulation desk of the CCU Library for a confirmation notice, which can be used to register for a user account at the NCKU, NCHU, or NSYSU libraries. Thereafter, users can borrow and return books in person using their CCU faculty/staff/student ID.

How to Borrow Books from Other Partner Libraries

To borrow books from libraries other than those of the Comprehensive University System of Taiwan, CCU users must first obtain an interuniversity library card at the circulation desk of the CCU Library, which they can use to borrow and return books in person at lending libraries. The loan period of an interuniversity library card is 40 days and can be extended once if there are no waiting borrowers.

Please Be Reminded

Users have to borrow and return books at lending libraries in person, and therefore, are encouraged to check library catalogs for book statuses before visiting. Loan rules vary according to library policies. Please follow the regulations and return books on time to avoid overdue payments and the suspension of borrowing privileges.

Contact Information

Ms. Wei-Hua Kuo, circulation desk, ext. 15110.